How Does a rotational viscometer work

Rotational viscometers work by getting the measurements of the torque on a vertical stand that moves the spindle in a rotational direction

Spring systems

The springs in this system are always marked and calibrated to make it easy to note and read the measurements

Servo Systems

This system mostly relies on a servo motor. The precision servo motor is used to move the shaft

viscometer work

The rotation of the spindle is usually proportional to how viscous the sample is. Rotational viscometers are used to measure viscosity

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A Rotational Viscometer Work?

Rotational viscometers are used to measure viscosity. It is common to find most rotational viscometers looking the same, however, two unique and different set-ups are used when measuring viscosity using the rotational viscometer. Below are the two main systems that shows how a rotational viscometer work.

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